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1998 No.1
Stanislav Bogdankevich, Dr. of Economics, On Preliminary Results of the Year
Valery Karbalevich, Political Results of the Year
Elena Strelkova, Belarus- Russia. Some Remarks to the "Union" Issue
Stanislav Bogdankevich, The Investment Issue
Documents Prepared the Meeting of the Supreme Council by Viktor Gonchar, vice chairman of the Civil Action parliamentary faction
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1998 No.2
Editorial page
Valery Karbalevich, Belarus: in Country and in the World (January 1- February 8, 1998)
Sergei Shein, Transformation of Levels of the Legal Consciousness: from Developed Feudalism to the State of Law?
Alexander Sosnov, Who and Why Needs Private Property
Belarus: End of 80s and End of 90s: Moving in Circle or... Proceedings from the round table of political scientists
George Soros, Towards the Global Open Society
Yaroslav Romanchuk, George, You Are Not Right! How Soros can Reconcile with Lukashenko.
Stanislav Shushkevitch, Book Review: S.Ovsiannikov and E.Strelkova, "Power and Society: Belarus, 1991-1996"
Mikhail Zhevno, Book Review: S.Naumova "What One Should Know About Politics," Minsk, 1997 (p.48) Our authors

1998 No.3
Editorial page
Valery Karbalevich, Belarus: One Year Under Authoritarian Regime
Belarus: Presidential Elections of 1999. Opposition and Power. Proceedings from the round table of political scientists.
Viacheslav Orgish, Belarus: at the Threshold of Market (sociological analysis of public attitudes)
Yaroslav Romanchuk, "Easy" Life of the Small Business in Belarus
Elena Strelkova, Rightless People of Modern Belarus
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1998 No.4
Editorial page
Viktor Chernov, The Authoritarian Regime in Belarus: Character, Durability, Variants of Transformation
Conservatism in Belarus: Yesterday and Today (proceedings from the round table of political scientists)
Sergei Ovsiannikov, Elena Strelkova, Legend About Soviet Man (Correcting Past Mistakes)
Alexander Sosnov, Legal Foundations of the Wage Policy: An Economist's View
Z.Paznyak and L.Borozna, Caring About Future: Letter to "Pravda" Daily, April19 1969
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1998, No.5
Editorial page
Valery Karbalevich. The Privatized State.
The new election law in Belarus (proceedings from the round table of political)
Alexander Dobrovolski. Criteria for the efficient economic legislation.
Vyacheslav Bobrovich. Civil Society as a Varian of a New Social Utopia?
Maryna Sakalova. Conservatism in modern societie.
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1999, No.1(6)
Editorial page
Stanislav Bogdankevich. Belarusian National Idea
Valery Karbalevich. Political Development and the National and State Interests of the Republic of Belarus (1988-1996)
Mikhail Plisko.Major concepts of human rights: a political scientist's view
Piotr Janiecki, bishop. Human rights in the public doctrine of Catholic Church
Alexander Lukashenko. Dictatorship: a Belarusian variant?
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