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EHU runs on:
1. Internal finance sources:
1.1 Tuition fees.
1.2 Part-time language courses.
1.3 Sales and services.
1.4 Research.

2. External finance sources:
A. Long-term supported programs:
2.1 Funds donated by the Open Society Institute under the grants programs of the Higher Education Support Program and the Institute for Local Government and Public Services.
2.2 TEMPUS (educational branch of the EU's TACIS technical assistance program.)
2.3 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.
2.4 Ministry of Tourism of France.

B. International governmental and independent bodies supporting specific collaborative projects.
2.5 USIS (local branch of the United States Information Agency);
2.6 Fulbright Foundation.
2.7 Sabre Foundation.
2.8 Eurasia Foundation.
2.9 Other.

EHU's strategy is aimed at increasing internal finance streams and its self-efficiency. At the same time EHU plans to expand its research and educational activities and for these purposes to continue developing relation with international and national donor organizationas and participating in sponsored projects.

EHU promising finance strategy.
For the future years the university plans to continue to stabilize the university's position through providing the university with the international status. For this the university aimes to fulfill the following steps:
1. To develop European and International links with universities and institutions having similar missions and portfolios to our own.
2. To develop relation with the Soros supported institutions.
3. To continue to strengthen its academic standing by enhancing the research and scholarship profile of the university.
4. To extend the professional university links and orientation particularly for final years of training.
5. To expand consumer markets for EHU's educational services through offering high-quality educational programs to prospective students from former Soviet republics and outside the former USSR.
6. To create a system of effective fund-raising, among other things, using the Soros Foundation-supported network of universities and getting involved into international educational and research programs and projects.
Another very important problem which should be solved over the defined period is the university's equipped premises. To this end the university plans to expand its own premises through the implementation of the following measures:
1. Attracting external financial resources (loans and grants) and creating EHU's own reserve funds.
2. Strengthening the instruments of finance management for mobilizing external and internal financial resources to balance the structure the university's expenditures and revenues and to improve finance position of the university.

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