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The mission of the European Humanities University is determined primarily by the historical fate of Belarus, which, because of its geographical position, was a focal point of interaction between Western and Eastern cultures. Cultural variety is one of the main goals of the University, founded in a dramatic period of social transformation and called upon to revive a humanistic tradition in education not restricted by national borders.

This new educational institution is based on the national pedagogic heritage, while also seeking to adapt and incorporate European and American educational traditions.

Gradually, an international group of professors, consisting of leading Belarusian scholars and visiting professors from famous American and European universities, was formed at the university. They are united by a common understanding of the perspectives of European culture and the current problems of our civilization. It is hard to overestimate the contribution of these scholars, some of whom have worldwide reputations, to the new university.

Our students have high aspirations; they intend to be at the forefront of the economic, political and cultural changes in Belarus. The future of our country depends on highly motivated young people, and the European Humanities University is the place where their minds and characters will be shaped.

Rector Professor Anatoly Mikhailov

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