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The economics program provides education for future economic research. Professional economists master economic theory with an emphasis on the instruments of micro- and macro- economic analyses; means of decision making in business government, and home economics; and analysis of the economic situation of transitional economics.

The distinctive features of the EHU Department of Economics are:

  • Integrative education;
  • Global focus;
  • Independent studies;
  • Extended support of students.
Firstly, traditional economic education at the level of English-speaking colleges and universities is integrated into modular blocks with the use of innovative command of teaching approaches, analysis of concrete situations, and computer simulation.

Secondly, students are prepared for teaching, work and research in international circles through mastering standard methods and through taking courses in multiple languages.

Thirdly, students undertake an extended spectrum of educational and research tasks outside the classroom, which demands responsibility and creative approaches in mastering literature and original material.

Fourthly, in order to assist all students in mastering the different parts of the program, a preparatory week long elective course and continuous individual consulting are planned. The program of economic education includes core courses in economics, quantitative methods, management and administration, computer sciences and special subjects.

The courses will be at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced (masters or introductory Ph. D) levels of teaching. Courses on mathematics, statistics, micro-economic theory, macro-economic theory, accounting, management and organization, and finance are offered.

Computer education is intended to enable students to use computers and informational systems with emphasis on applied programs for economics and business. Courses include the principles of micro-computers and type-setting, introductory work on the computer languages, work with electronic tables, data bases and statistical packets.

The possibility of getting master degree both at EHU and abroad is provided by the extended international ties of the university. The personal atmosphere of the department, in which no more than 20 people are taught under the guidance of experienced teachers, gives a unique individual approach to each student. The educational schedule allows every student the opportunity of choosing an additional specialization, besides the main one. This, in addition to the profound study of two European languages, extends the students' choice of a place of employment. Leading professors of European and American universities are invited for special courses, which allows the students to listen to the original lectures and to discuss current problems with the foreign specialists.

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