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The French-Belarusian Department for Political and Administrative Sciences was introduced in 1993. Its creation was initiated by the French Embassy in Belarus. Administration of the Department's activities is carried out together with an Academic Council created at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Department offers training and degrees equivalent to those of French institutes for political science and law and political science schools. The graduates receive both Belarusian and French state diplomas of higher education. The Department trains specialists in such fields as international relations, state administration, management of state and private Belarusian, foreign and joint enterprises.

The Department has established cooperative ties with the Institutes for Political Sciences of Bordeaux, Grenoble, Rennes, Lion, Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg, and the University of Paris-Nanterre-X.

Teaching is conducted by full-time French and Belarusian professors, French diplomats and specialists, and visiting lecturers invited not only from the French institutes for political sciences but also from different education institutions of Western and Central Europe and the US.

The Department is headed by two co-deans: the French side - Professor A. Tolstoy, a specialist in the field2 of political anthropology; the Belarusian side - Dr. S. Pankovsky, Ph. D. in Philosophy, a specialist in the history of West European philosophical and political thought.

As the curriculum contains many new courses not available at any Belarusian universities, each year the Department sends several university graduates to France for 1 or 2-year internships aimed at enriching its full-time Faculty.

The curriculum also provides training courses in French university centers for the Belarusian students.

High quality of training, extensive international experience, and mastering of a wide range of legal and economic disciplines are the Department graduates' advantages in terms of finding worthy employment.

The French-Belarusian Department for Political and Administrative Sciences is the largest educational project realized by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Eastern and Central Europe.

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