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The University is oriented to high quality training of professional specialists, due to which enrollment is consciously limited. Not more than 200 students a year are offered admission. More significant than the university's steady growth is the fact that its students pay tuition. Under the Soviet system, students would receive a stipend from the state. The fact that their parents are willing to pay an amount well above the average Belarusian income speaks volumes about how highly they and their children value humanistically oriented education in a free and open intellectual environment.

The university offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in art, economics, law, political and administrative science, social science, and theology, which include opportunities for study at leading universities in the US, Russia, and Europe. Most bachelor's degrees require five years of study. For their first two years, all students must fully devote themselves to intensive language study and the completion of core humanities requirements through the Department of Humanities and Languages. The standard of mastering foreign languages is confirmed by special examinations and TOEFL-type certificates, the latter being a prerequisite for internships and training courses at European and American universities. At the same time, the students attend lectures delivered in foreign languages by professors from France, the US and other countries.

During these two years each student learns two major European languages (English, French or German), and either Latin or Greek, as well as taking courses in history, literature, philosophy, psychology political science, computer science, economics, and the history of art. After this preparation, students spend their remaining time at the university taking upper division courses in their areas of specialization (majors). The masters, graduate and post-graduate programs offered at EHU are in the fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Theoretical Economics, Law and Art. In 1995 EHU and the State Institute of Higher Education and the Humanities entered the Consortium created by the Russian Academy of Sciences and several leading Western European universities. The Consortium's activities are aimed at training Masters and Ph.D.s in the following specializations: Philosophy, Cultural Science, Psychology, Theoretical Economics, Law and others. Degrees awarded by the Consortium arerecognized not only in Belarus and Russia but also in the European Union member states. Working in the framework of those programs jointly with top-rank scholars of the Russian Academy of Sciences and their European colleagues, EHU reaches modern standards of training and certification, becoming a leader in the sphere of elite personnel training in the Republic of Belarus.

The European Humanities University's teaching staff is large, very qualified, and highly specialized. Its professors are drawn from the top ranks of academia, the arts, and the private sector. Professors are recruited on the basis of their professional or scholarly expertise and may only teach a single course per semester. The regular course schedule is augmented by special lectures and seminars given by distinguished local scholars and practitioners or visitors from other countries. Given the distinctly internationalist focus of the university, its languages of instruction, depending on subject matter or professor, are Russian, Belarusian, French, English, and German. The University is characterized by the constant process of shaping its faculty by means of the new generation of Belarusian professors who won their degrees at Western universities or underwent long-term training there.

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