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The Center combines efforts of researchers involved in complex scientific projects contributing to the transformation of the Belarusian political, economic and social structures in the period of the communist totalitarian state's demolition and the formation of an open society. The Center's activities suggest collaboration with all public and political organizations and movements interested in the development of this process.

The Center is headed by Professor Stanislav S. Shushkevich, a renowned politician and former speaker of the Belarusian Supreme Soviet (Parliament).

The Center comprises several departments:

  • Institute for Political Research. Director-- Prof. S. Shushkevich;
  • Institute for System Analysis of Market Problems. Director - Prof. Mikhail Kovalyov;
  • Institute of Psychology. Director - Prof. Gennady Kouchinski.
At present the Center coordinates and administers three complex research projects:
  • Political and Legal Mechanisms for the Formation of a Civil Society in Belarus.
  • Transformation of the Totalitarian Consciousness Structures in the Post-Communist Society of Belarus.
  • Comparative Analysis of the Models of Transition to Market Economy in the Conditions of Belarus.


In 1994 EHU introduced American English as part of its curriculum in the framework of the initial four semesters of intensive linguistic training. In the academic year of 1995-96 American Studies became one of the major components of the curricula at the Departments of Law and Economics. In November, 1995 the Center for American Studies at EHU, a unique training and research institution in the country, was established. It is supported by USIA-USIS and headed by Professor Vladimir Dounaev, EHU Vice-Rector, a specialist in the field of American philosophy, and Yuri Stulov, Professor of American Literature at Minsk State Linguistic University. The training is based upon an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to the problems of American society, the main goal being to unite efforts of Belarusian and foreign scholars in the domain of American Studies and provide the U. S. expertise in the students' area of specialization and professional career.

Teaching is conducted by both American visiting lecturers and Belarusian professors. The Center has established ties with the European Association for American Studies and several American universities such as Suffolk University in Boston, MA. EHU professors and younger faculty members have taken part in Salzburg and Olomouc American Studies seminars.

In December, 1995 the Center organized a Constituent Assembly of the Belarusian Association for American Studies and is also currently holding a nationwide competition of student research in the field of their comprehension of various American cultural issues.


The International School of Slavic Studies (ISSS) was set up for conducting an in-depth study of languages, national literature and spiritual heritage of Slavic peoples.

The Project is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature. Instruction is provided through individual programs and provides for the following objectives:

  • intensive study of Eastern Slavic languages (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian)
  • refresher courses on problems of linguistics, literary and cultural studies
  • research methodology assistance for those who prepare research papers for bachelor's and master's degrees
  • summer folk-lore school to study authentic folk-lore in conditions of its real functioning
Instruction projects of the School of Slavic Studies are included in two programs of the United States Institute of International Education: Vacation Study Abroad 1995/1996 and Academic Year Abroad 1995/1996.

ISSS associates participate in joint research projects with leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, attend lectures at universities in the USA, Germany, Austria, and Poland, and take an active part in the work of international scholarly societies.

Cooperation with centers of American Slavic Studies within the framework of the agreement between the ISSS and the American Association of Teachers of Russian is planned for the future.

Among participants of ISSS educational and lecturing programs are such renowned scholars as M.L. Gasparov, V.N. Toporov, G.M.Fridlender, M.O. Chudakova, and G. Gachev.

In accordance with the calendar plans of the International Institute of Education, ISSS holds its courses in the period from 10 September to 10 December (Academic Year Abroad) and from 10 July to 10 August (Vacation Study Abroad).

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