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BMM is a private label from Minsk, producing music of different styles and streams. Besides pure commercial projects, BMM supports developing Minsk electronic movement.                                                                                     

delta9rec.gif (10089 bytes)Delta 9 Home Records is an independent association of different bands and individual musicians, which play electronic music and still don't have means for publishing their albums with a big number of copies.

Nowadays in Delta 9 Home Records a association work Autism, Vacuumable, Guarana Electric, Dullgreen Lab, On The Edge, Tech and The Scared. Most of these bands have only demo-records, but they often play gigs in different clubs and on the festivals, thanks to this they obtained local popularity.

May, 31,1997 Center Vacuum jointly with Delta 9 Records organized the first Minsk festival of electronic music “Future Sounds of Minsk”, which should be regular and large scale event in future for the belarus electronic stage.

Delta 9 Records is open for an every suggestion and idea!

For any additional information you can contact with us in Minsk (017) 263 89 98.


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