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Belarusan Historical Review publishes new historical sources and materials, various articles on Belarusan history, essays on historiography and other specific aspects of historical science, interviews, discussions, books reviews and information about scientific life of Belarus and Europe.
Methodology of historical knowledge, epistemology in general and nation making problems are the priorities of the magazine.

Editorial Board

Rostislav Baravy(Minsk), Jim Dingly (London), Yuri Zayats (Minsk), Yanka Zaprudnik (USA), Dzmitry Karay (Grodno), Mikola Nikolaev (St-Petersburg), Genadz Saganovich (Minsk), Yuri Turonak (Warsaw), Zakhar Shybeka (Minsk), Vitaut Kipel (USA), Alyaksei Kauka (Moscow), Anatol Grytskevich (Minsk), Valyantin Grytskevich (St-Petersburg)

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