The Belarusian satellite channel is celebrating its third birthday on Friday

Meanwhile, POLSKA THE TIMES writes that Belsat, the Belarusian satellite channel which is run by Polish public broadcasters TVP, is celebrating its third birthday on Friday. Rumours abound that it may be its last, however. According to Agnieszka Romaszewska, the station's director, the successes as well as downfalls of Belsat are the fact that it is very much a grassroots initiative. Even Alexander Lukashenko's government could not believe this, believing rather that it was created by the Polish secret service. However, even though journalists in Belarus thought the station was a laughing stock, attitudes towards the station have changed, Romaszewska tells the daily, adding that it has become a key player in the Belarusian media. While Belsat is funded by both TVP and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two cannot decide as to which institution should be paying for the initiative. "We have been on-air for three years, yet I rather get the impression that we are not wanted by anyone," Romaszewska tells the daily, concluding that even though the station is in line with the Foreign Ministry's policy towards Belarus, Belsat has cut salaries and is making other efforts to save money. "Nevertheless, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is systematically shutting us down," Agnieszka Romaszewska laments in POLSKA THE TIMES.


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