Belarus set on continued alliance with Russia - Lavrov

Presidential elections in Belarus have "unequivocally shown that the Belarusian people continue to adhere to a policy of alliance with Russia."

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said this in an interview for the "Russia 24" TV channel.

"Regarding this year's outcomes of relations with Belarus, I would evaluate them basing on those agreements, which were signed by Russia and Belarus on the establishment of a single economic area and progress towards a common Eurasian Union", - said Lavrov.

"We are also pleased that through our efforts, we have managed to secure the release of Russian citizens who were detained on the evening of the elections on December 19th ", - said the Russian minister.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Minsk requested the Belarusian authorities for a meeting with two re-detained Russians, who had participated in opposition rallies.

For this they had been subjected to administrative detention and were released.

Now, the Russians have been detained in line with a criminal investigation into mass riots, reports ITAR-TASS.

That is how Minsk refers to the mass protest actions on December 19th demanding the cancelling of results of presidential elections won by incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.


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