EBRD affirms cooperation with Belarus

Interfax citing Mr Valdas Vitkauskas the head of the EBRD's representative office in Belarus as saying that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has confirmed it will cooperate with Belarus but does not rule out adjustments to the existing country strategy.

He said that for now the bank plans to continue the country strategy that was approved in December 2009. The EBRD board of directors discusses strategic matters and occasionally major events require immediate action, commenting on the possibility that the EU would expand its sanctions regime against Belarus in the wake of recent presidential elections. But normally the board of directors discusses progress in country programs once a year.

He added that the EBRD counts on active cooperation in Belarus next year with Nordic Investment Bank, particularly in co-financing. He also said the EBRD also wants to continue work to develop privatization processes in Belarus. Although the bank was not able to conclude a single privatization deal this year, it has several projects to work on from the very beginning of the New Year.

(Sourced from Interfax)


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