Russians detained in Belarus appeal court decision

Russian nationals arrested during opposition protests in Belarus on Tuesday appealed to the Supreme Court against a decision by a Minsk court not to release them, Russian Embassy official Vadim Gusev said.

Russia's consul to Belarus transferred seven supervisory appeals from the Russian nationals to the Belarusian Supreme Court, Gusev said.

Eleven Russians were detained following the December 19 presidential polls, which secured the country's leader, Alexander Lukashenko, a fourth term.

Police broke up the demonstration when the crowd tried to storm parliament following the announcement of the election results.

The Russians were handed custodial sentences of between 10 and 15 days.

Gusev also said that the Russian Embassy has requested the Belarusian Supreme Court hear the cases of the detained Russians swiftly.

Russia earlier requested that the Belarusian authorities release the Russian detainees. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the failure to resolve the issue would have a negative impact on Russian-Belarusian ties.

MINSK, December 28 (RIA Novosti)


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