IKCO Cars at Iran's exclusive exhibition in Minsk

IKCO will present three new cars in Iran's fourth exclusive exhibition in Minsk, Belarus. The show is to open at the presence of the countries' officials at Minsk permanent fair ground on December 9, 2010.

Custom-made Samand LX, Soren ELX and Runna (Iran's second national brand car) are the products to be exhibited in the show. IKCO pursues a sizable share of car market in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

IKCO and its trading partner in Belarus, Unison, started their cooperation in 2005. They launched Samand production line in Belarus capital city, Minsk in 2008 by means of which IKCO managed to be well positioned in Belarus market.

Given Iran's industrial capabilities in automotive, food, textile and construction in addition to the existing potentialities in Belarus in fields named above, this exhibition would play a significant role in developing industrial cooperation between the two countries.

Iran's fourth exclusive exhibition will be held on December 9-12 in which a large number of Iranian economic and production units will exhibit their latest products


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