Belarus Guarantees Transit Of 4 Million Tons Of Oil Via Odesa - Brody Oil Pipeline Towards Brody In 2011

Ukrainian News Agency

Belarus guarantees transmission of 4 million tons of oil via the Odesa - Brody oil pipeline in direct mode (towards Brody) in 2011 for further supply to Belarusian petroleum refineries, First Vice Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko has told a press conference.

"There are no doubts that about four million tons will be pumped through Odesa - Brody next year," he said

In his turn, First Vice Prime Minister / Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrii Kliuev has said the sides will negotiate the tariff for transportation of oil on December 28.

"Really we can transfer four million tons, we can transfer even more. The railway, the oil pipeline and the harbour are ready. Tomorrow, I think, we'll make a final point on the tariffs," Kliuev said.

Semashko has elucidated, in early January they will start ousting process oil of Urals grade, which is at the moment in the Odesa - Brody oil pipeline, with process oil of Azeri Light grade (light Caspian oil).

The Belarusian official says that the pipeline may switch over to pumping only Caspian oil from March 12 or 15.

"Right on January 1 will begin work on replacing Urals process oil with Azeri Light. And first Urals oil will go to your refineries [Naftokhimik Prykarpattia, Halychyna petroleum-refining complex] and then, we estimate, from March 12 or 15 all oil Azeri Light will go to your refineries and our refineries," Semashko said.

Azerbaijani oil will be supplied for transportation via Odesa - Brody under swapping schemes with Venezuela.

Before, state companies of Venezuela and Belarus, and Azerbaijan and Belarus signed corresponding agreements.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, a pilot batch of 80,000 tons of crude was pumped through the Odesa - Brody pipeline in direct mode in November.


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