Slovakia Condemns Violence in Aftermath of Belarus Election

Mixed but firm reactions from Slovakia after the elections led to strong protests in Minsk following the election in Belarus. First condemnation of the ensuing violence but then also Most-Hid MP Peter Osusky, who took part in the presidential election last week in Belarus as an OSCE observer called on the Slovak Government to cut off relations with this country's administration. Speaking at a press conference, Osusky (a member of the Civil Conservative Party/OKS) described the way the Sunday's Belarus election was falsified as 'perverted and sick'. He added that he will also demand that Belarus be expelled from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, even though he knows his request will be in vain. Furthermore, Osusky stands ready to protest against the visit of any minister of Alexander Lukashenko's Government, "because for Europe this system is unbelievably criminal" . The Most-Hid MP concedes that Lukashenko would have won the election even if it had been free and fair. But "the sickness of this madman and criminal" forces him to ensure that he gets at least 80 percent of the votes, said Osusky, who went on to describe Lukasenko, who has been in power since 1994, as "a megalomaniac psychopath".


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