'Hard days' for evangelicals in Belarus

Russ Jones - OneNewsNow

MINSK, BELARUS - A Dallas-based ministry is having a big impact in countries with limited religious freedoms by raising up new leaders in Belarus.

Behind a gated fence in Belarus is the sprawling Bible College of Christians of Evangelical Faith. The Christian college and church is an outreach of Christ for the Nations, which sent a missionary to Belarus in 1992.

Peter Asheichyk, rector of the college, tells OneNewsNow times are tough for those of the evangelical faith. "Of course for evangelical churches right now it's not easy days -- it's very hard days for small churches and Christians," he shares. "For example, if I'm going to somewhere as a leader of the Bible school and trying to [conduct] some business...they're thinking that I'm a bad guy, I'm pro-American, [and] I'm using American monies...."

Bible man pointing at scriptureUnlike Christian activists in the U.S. who routinely battle in politics, Belarusian evangelicals are cautious about any political expression. As elections in Belarus just conclude, Asheichyk says while the institution encourages voting how they personally see fit, his students or staff had no involvement in the political process.

"They feel like it's a new ideology and that it's against them," says the administrator. "On the other hand, this also has a good side -- and probably it's a good exercise for churches: just to concentrate on what we can do."

The Bible college in Belarus is one of 120 countries Christ for the Nations seeks to share the gospel.


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