Interview: China-Belarus cooperative prospect bright: ambassador

China and Belarus have a bright prospect for cooperation as the two countries share highly economic complementarity, says the Chinese ambassador to Belarus.

Ambassador Lu Guicheng said that in recent years, China-Belarus ties have expanded rapidly and have been promoted by the leaders of both countries.

The ambassador also said in the interview with Xinhua that the two countries are mutually supportive of each other on global affairs and frequent interactions between senior officials of the two countries have injected strong momentum into the development of bilateral ties.

Lu also stressed that China-Belarus reciprocal economic cooperation is flourishing, with the smooth development of some major cooperative projects on infrastructure construction.

"China and Belarus are economically complementary on resource, market, fund and equipment, and thus share a broad prospect for cooperation," Lu told Xinhua.

Meanwhile, the diplomat mentioned the profound friendship between the Chinese and Belarusian peoples.

After a deadly earthquake struck China's northwestern region of Yushu in April, Belarus was among the first to extend condolences and provided aid to the people affected, Lu said.


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