EU and US reviewing relations with Belarus

"The people of Belarus deserve better."

That is the message from the EU and the US today after a violent crackdown on the opposition in Minsk.

Washington and Brussels say they are now reviewing their relations with Belarus.

They are calling for the immediate release of presidential candidates and more than 600 demonstrators taken into custody.

One of the presidential candidates arrested at the protest against the election victory of President Alexander Lukashenko is Andrei Sannikov.

His lawyer, Pavel Sapelko, said: "He's been seriously hit. His leg has been hurt. He can hardly stand on it. He can hardly move. He didn't receive any proper medical treatment, at least not on Monday."

But as the US and the EU condemn what they call a disproportionate use of force, authorities in Belarus say five presidential candidates may be charged in connection with the weekend demonstration.


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