Belarus announces final results of presidential elections

MINSK, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Belarus Central Elections Commission (CEC) on Friday announced the final results of the presidential elections, with incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko reelected for the next five years.

According to the CEC, among the eligible 7,105,660 voters in Belarus, 6,444,776 cast their votes and 5,130,557, accounting for 79.65 percent of the total voters, voted for incumbent President Lukashenko.

Candidate Andrey Sannikov ranked second, winning 156,419 votes, or 2.43 percent, followed by Jaroslav Romanchuk, 127,281 votes, 1.98 percent; Gregory Kostusev 126,999 votes, 1.97 percent; Vladimir Nyaklyaev, 114,581 votes, 1.78 percent; Viktor Tereshchenko, 76,764 voters, 1.19 percent; Vitaliy Rymashevskiy, 70,515 votes, 1.09 percent; Alexey Mikhalevich, 65,748 votes, 1.02 percent, and Dmitriy Uss, 25,117 votes, 0.39 percent.

A total of 416,925 voters, or 6.47 percent, didn't vote for any candidates while 62,542 ballots, or 0.97 percent, were recognized as invalid.


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