Belarus' presidential election "honest, open": Lukashenko

MINSK, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- Sunday's presidential election was "honest, open and in accordance with national legislation," President Alexander Lukashenko said Monday after winning another term in office.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced earlier in the day that Lukashenko garnered nearly 80 percent of the votes in the election, with 100 percent of the ballots counted.

Lukashenko's victory was marred by a massive unauthorized demonstration on Sunday night, during which opposition supporters clashed with police.

Several thousand Belorussians gathered in downtown Minsk to protest the election after the polls were closed.

Lukashenko said "what they (referring to those rioters) tried to do in Minsk on Sunday was banditry, not democracy," and the police "were protecting the country and people from barbarianism and ruin."

Sunday's election was the fourth since Belarus gained independence in 1991. Lukashenko has been president since 1994.


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