Lukashenko urges Belarus to reject "dependence psychology" on Russia, West

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko urged his country to get rid of its "lackey psychology of dependence" on Russia and the West, in an address to an All-Belarusian national assembly in Minsk on Monday.

"Nobody will solve our problems or do our tasks - neither Moscow, nor Washington, nor Brussels! We should decisively reject the humiliating lackey psychology of dependence on somebody who is more powerful, and underestimation of our own capabilities," Lukashenko said.

"Belarus has proved capable of providing steady development and national security even in the most difficult external conditions," he added.

Lukashenko said Belarus had withstood the economic crisis with honor. "The country has not caved in [to the evil-wishers] in spite of the enormous pressure and massive intimidation coming from all sides."

"We have not allowed anybody to ruin the political and social stability we achieved," Lukashenko said.

Belarus has made a substantial turn for the better in its social and economic development, he claimed. "It is not a present from the Lord God and not the result of export of crude materials, but a result of hard work," he said.

MINSK, December 6 (RIA Novosti)


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