New Torah Scroll for Bobruisk

BOBRUISK, Belarus - The Belarus city of Bobruisk celebrated the welcoming of a new Torah scroll into the synagogue. The scroll came to the local Jewish community as a gift from sponsors in Dnepropetrovsk.

Rabbi Moshe Listengart, who previously served as a rabbi in Bobruisk, spearheaded the project of gifting a Torah scroll to the Bobruisk Jewish community. The event was attended by Jews from all walks of life, those who are actively involved in Jewish communal activities as well as those who are not yet so involved. The festivities were led by Rabbi Shaul Hababo, who serves the local community in Bobruisk.

All participants were given a calendar that was prepared by the Jewish community of Bobruisk. The calendar indicates the times for lighting Shabbat candles, Jewish holidays, as well as other important dates and times in accordance with the local time zone.

At a ceremony following a festive meal in honor of the new Torah, Rabbi Hababo presented each of the sponsors with an award that depicts the restored local synagogue. Rabbi Hababo emphasized that only through the support rendered by Jewish philanthropists, who have not forgotten about the needs and aspirations of their people, that the community was able to carry out the synagogue's restoration.

The Jewish community of Bobruisk is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus and, by association, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Baltic Countries.


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