Belarus plans to buy 22 billion cubic meters of gas a year in 2011 to 2015

Interfax citing Mr Mikhail Mikhadyuk Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus as saying that the country plans to import 22.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas a year in 2011-2015.

He said that "The gas balance for 2011 calls for importing 22.5 bcm of Russian gas. We have done a lot in the area of energy conservation and diversification of supplies, but our industry is growing. In the next five years, given growth in industrial output, we are forecasting that volume of annual purchases."

Mr Yury Rymashevsky Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus said Belarus continues to study the issue of building an LNG terminal. He said that "We have looked at how those operations are organized in other countries. We were in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Now we are evaluating whether Belarus should go that route."

For now Belarus has not made a decision to build its own regasification terminal.


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