Belarusian opposition candidates demand cancellation of election results

Two Belarusian opposition candidates have demanded the cancelation of the country's presidential election results after Europe's "last dictator," Alexander Lukashenko, won by a landslide in what observers describe as large-scale vote rigging.

Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov were among hundreds of people detained during clashes after Lukashenko was declared the winner.

Official results announced earlier on Monday claimed Lukashenko won 79.7% of the vote, meaning that the former state farm boss will extend his 16-year rule over the former Soviet state for another five years.

Lukashenko's current term expires in April 2011.

Belarus's Central Election Committee said on Monday Neklyayev and Sannikov demanded that the results of the election were declared fraudulent.

Thousands of opposition protesters tried to storm the government headquarters in Minsk after gathering in downtown Oktyabrskaya Square on Sunday evening in protest at what they claimed was widespread ballot stuffing.

More than 600 protesters were arrested, and dozens injured, including Neklyayev, who was taken to a police station from hospital where he had been taken with a serious head injury.

MINSK, December 20 (RIA Novosti)


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