State warns against post poll protests in Belarus

Belarus goes to the polls in the country's presidential election with a stark warning ringing in opposition ears.

If Lukashenko's opponents stage a demonstration against vote-rigging, as planned, they will face the wrath of the security forces.

The outcome is not an issue with President Alexander Lukashenko set to serve a fourth term as president of the country the west calls "the last dictatorship in Europe."

Vladimir Neklyayev, leads the "tell the truth" movement:

"After the polls close we will come to the square. This is the only mechanism for opposing fraudulent elections. We have no other mechanism."

In the capital Minsk everyone knows who the next president will be:

"I don't expect anything, its clear already, vote or no vote we'll get what we already have. How do I feel about it, frustrated I guess."

Two separate rallies have been announced, both focussed on October Square, organisers hope to attract tens of thousands of protesters.


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