Russia supports Belarusian moves for economic integration - Putin

The Belarusian leadership's moves towards economic integration with Russia are worthy of all kinds of respect, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "No matter the state of our relationship with the Belarusian leadership - and sparks fly every now and then - I have never allowed myself any criticism of the Belarusian government. But whatever sparks might fly, we have to honestly say that the Belarusian government is clearly and steadily moving towards economic integration with Russia. And this choice deserves our support and respect," - responded Vladimir Putin to a question from Belarus.

During his Q&A session, Putin received an anonymous SMS, asking "Why do you always pick on Lukashenko? He never seems to do anything right".

"What do mean, "pick on"? There are other categories of interests in politics," said the Russian PM. "To say that Russia behaves inappropriately is absolutely ungrounded. We greatly respect the Belarusian people and everything that Russia has spent decades doing for the benefit of the Belarusian economy and society is done in the interest of the Belarusian people. And there is a lot here," - Putin said.


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