Babruysk Synagogue Medal Awarded to Donors

By David Yisraeli, Chabad Info

This week, a large crowd attended a dedication ceremony of a new Torah scroll to the synagogue in Babruysk, a large city on the Berezina river in Belarus.

The donation was organized by Rabbi Moshe Listengart, who previously served as a Shliach to the city.

Many of the city's local Jewish organizations took part in the event, with the Shliach Rabbi Shaul Hababo leading the ceremony.

A video of the Rebbe was shown, followed by a brief clip demonstrating the tedious work necessary to produce a Torah scroll.

One child, dressed up as an ancient Torah scroll wowed the audience with some fascinating miracle stories as did another child who sang so sweetly.

A calendar personalized to the city's times was handed out to all participants.

After the formal rite, guests streamed into a nearby ballroom to enjoy an elegantly prepared meal.

At the dinner, Rabbi Hababo presented the supporters with a medal with a diagram of the renovated synagogue engraved. He emphasized that only with their help has the community been able to see these drastic improvements to their synagogue and the general community.


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