SuperGeo Announces Geoportal LLC the Reseller in Belarus

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is excited to announce its new reseller in Belarus, where Geoportal LLC is authorized to distribute SuperGIS series software.

Located in Minsk, Belarus, Geoportal LLC provides field survey PDA, Total Stations, GPS controllers, etc. for local users. Since the customers have strong requirements for full function mobile GIS software at a reasonable price, Geoportal LLC has been looking for such software to replace expensive mobile GIS applications on the market.

After evaluating the functionality and speed of SuperPad and other SuperGIS products, Geoportal LLC thinks that SuperGIS software is capable enough and therefore hopes to distribute SuperGIS series software in Belarus as well as the neighbor CIS countries. Today, SuperGeo officially confirmed the partnership with Geoportal LLC, who will provide SuperGIS software and services in Belarus.

In order to better serve the users who speak Russian, SuperGeo RD team has issued the Russian interface of its mobile GIS applications, including SuperPad (full function mobile GIS), SuperField (light-weight mobile GIS), and SuperGIS Mobile Engine (powerful mobile GIS SDK). The next inclusion would be in SuperGIS Desktop.

"We are very happy with the cooperation with Geoportal LLC," said Sarah Liu, Sr. Marketing Specialist at SuperGeo. "With the professional and passionate team at Geoportal LLC, SuperGeo expects to offer SuperGIS technologies and provide perfect alternative GIS software for the users in CIS countries"

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