Belarus: Bishop Deported

On Oct 16, Protestant Bishop Veniamin Brukh, a Ukrainian bishop in a Full Gospel Church, was deported from Belarus given of his active eremite activities, Forum 18 News reported.

Brukh, owner of one of a largest charismatic churches in a Belarusian capital, Minsk, told Forum 18 News he believed he was deported given of his "continued active appearance in a internal Protestant community:.The tip military and state affairs apparatus were monitoring that activity. They substantially cruise me a risk to a state."

According to Forum 18 News, given a dramatization of a limiting 2002 Religion Law "only eremite associations-made adult of during slightest 10 purebred eremite communities, including during slightest one active on a domain of Belarus for during slightest 20 years-have a right to entice unfamiliar adults to control eremite activity." The Belarusian supervision requires foreigners to find special state permission-on tip of a current visa before they get concerned in Christian activities.

Brukh is one of many Christian leaders all over a universe confronting tough hurdles for priesthood a Word of God. The Voice of a Martyrs actively supports and assists pastors who are tormented given of their eagerness to share a gospel of Jesus Christ.

VOM encourages we to urge for believers in Belarus who are confronting persecution. Pray a churches Brukh led will continue to mount clever and widespread a gospel. Pray their testimony will pull nonbelievers into brotherhood with Him.


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