Lukashenko is threatening to ditch Russia

Source Evgeniya Chaykovskaya

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has reportedly announced that if Moscow does not recognise his victory in the upcoming presidential elections, he will leave the Union State, Customs Union and CIS.

The news came during confrontation between various Russian and Belorussian politicians. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev even recorded a video message where he said that Russia would take an impartial look at the Belarus presidential election.

However, the threats sound shallow because if Russia does not recognise the legitimacy of the country's president, it is logical that all the mutual cooperation will be frozen until the situation is resolved, Moskovsky Komsomolets pointed out.

Meanwhile the Belarus State Duma is meeting on Thursday in order to decide on joint statement about the Russian-Belarus relationship. Their statement is a reply to one issued by the Russian MPs on Wednesday that called for Alexander Lukashenko to stop using the "anti-Russian rhetoric" to divide the two countries.


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