Politicians to decide on recognition of Armenian Genocide, Sukhorenko states

The recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a rather painful subject and has not been studied. If there are adequate addressees, we will consider it, Belarusian Ambassador to Armenia Stepan Sukhorenko told a press conference on October 6, commenting on why Minsk does not adopt a resolution denouncing the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire in 1915.

According to him, Belarus-Turkey relations are not an obstacle to the recognition of Genocide. "I do not think Turkey is closer to Belarus than Armenia. Today, Belarus is on closest terms with Armenia and the level of contacts suggests the fraternal nation of Armenia is closer to us. We are establishing good relations with Turkey, but it cannot be called fraternal. The politicians are to solve the issue of the Armenian Genocide recognition. It is the competence of the Belarusian Parliament to recognize Genocide or not. Besides, it is a subject of serious discussions, Sukhorenko noted.


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