Gazprom: No revision plans for gas contract with Belarus


Algeria, Oct. 6 (Interfax) - A possible revision of the gas agreement with Belarus is not a negotiation issue and no side is stalling on this since Belarus is entirely meeting its obligations, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told journalists in Algiers on Wednesday.

When asked about a possible revision of these agreements, Miller stressed that both sides (Belarus and Gazprom) "are working hard on signing a five-year contract."

"Belarusian payment for gas is taking place strictly in accordance with the terms set out for 2010. Regarding payments for supply over recent months, we absolutely don't see any problems at present," Miller said.

"We will hope that this will happen by year's end," he stressed.

"However, some time ago we heard concerns from Belarus that they could experience problems with payments. But the payments are being made in full," he said.

"To date, this issue [a revision] is not a subject of the negotiations. Neither Gazprom nor our Belarusian colleagues have done anything to stall the process. This is an effective contract that both sides are carrying out," Miller said.


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