Karabakh problem to be solved within Minsk Group format, Belarusian Ambassador says

Today Belarus does not see an alternative to the OSCE Minsk Group in resolving the Karabakh conflict, Belarusian Ambassador to Armenia Stepan Sukhorenko told the reporters on October 6, commenting on the efficiency of the Minsk Group. "Belarus considers the Karabakh conflict should be solved within OSCE Minsk Group format," he said.

As to the rumors on Turkey's involvement in the Minsk Group, the Ambassador said the Minsk Group and conflicting parties should decide on the matter.

Asked what line Belarus, as a CSTO partner of Armenia, will take if hostilities resume in Karabakh, Sukhorenko said: "I think it is not only up to Belarus to solve the issue. The CSTO military political organization and Council of Heads of CSTO states will adopt a consolidating position on a particular country in case of a military aggression. Belarus will be closely involved in the process."

Referring to the prolongation of the Russian military base in Armenia, Sukhorenko said it is an affair of Russia and Armenia, and Belarus does not comment on this.


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