President pardons eight, including two foreigners

Oct 27 (CTK) - A Vietnamese woman and a Belarussian man are among the eight people whom Czech President Vaclav Klaus granted pardon Wednesday, mostly on humanitarian grounds, the Presidential Office told CTK.

The Vietnamese was convicted of trademark violation, the Belarussian was expelled from the Czech Republic. The presidential pardon erased the respective court decisions.

Another person to be granted pardon is Iva Kondyskova, director of a hospice in south Moravia, who was punished for having administered painkillers to a dying patient at variance with law. Klaus took Kondyskova's work, contributive to social life, into account.

To Belarussian Syarhey Napreyenko, Klaus forgave two expulsion verdicts he received for illegally staying in the Czech Republic. Napreyenko originally arrived in the country legally. He committed no other offence.

"The president has taken into account the fact that if expelled, [Napreyenko] could face persecution for political reasons in Belarus," the Presidential Office said.

Napreyenko's request for pardon was supported by the Czech branch of Amnesty International.

For Kondyskova, Klaus erased her nine-month suspended sentence and her two-year banning from work with medicines.

In 2008, Kondyskova gave medicine Sevredol, a painkiller, to a patient who had undergone tumour surgery and suffered from unbearable pains. Kondyskova had kept the opiate from the previous treatment of another patient. The court punished her not only for having administered the medicine but also for having packagings with it left to the patient's family for free use.


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