Political ties with Belarus will continue

Political ties with Belarus will continue, however Lukashenko's anti-Russian rhetoric has affected Russia's attitude toward him. This was a statement by the Kremlin's press-secretary Natalya Timakova in response to the latest post in the Russian president's blog. She confirmed that members of the Russian government and political structures intend to continue communicating with all political powers in Belarus, which represent the entire specter of public opinion. The Kremlin advises Alexander Lukashenko to pay attention to the internal affairs of Belarus instead of evaluating the state of affairs in Russia, said Timakova. She clarified that the Russian president's video message was driven by a desire to explain the evolution of relations between Russia and Belarus and the direction in which they are moving. At the same time Timakova noted that continuing to develop economic ties with Belarus in the context of normal market conditions is of topmost priority for Russia.


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