International observers to arrive in Belarus for presidential election

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is scheduled to send a long-term observer mission to Minsk in November starting to observe the country's presidential election, an official from the OSCE said here on Wednesday.

Benedict Haller, head of the OSCE office in Belarus, said the office for the Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) was invited by the OSCE to send its observers as well.

Forty long-term and up to 400 short-term observers are expected to come to Minsk, Haller said, adding that the long-term observers would arrive in early November.

In addition, a mission from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) would also monitor the elections, apart from several independent observers.

The CIS observation Mission on Wednesday released a statement, saying that Belarus has created necessary legal conditions for the smooth work of the mission.

The statement also said that "representatives of executive power and participants in the election campaign are open for contacts and give information on the pre-election events."

Currently the mission's branches have begun working in the Brest and Vitebsk region since Oct. 20, the statement said.

The presidential election in Belarus is scheduled for Dec. 19. President Alexander Lukashenko promised on Monday that the election would be conducted in strict accordance with the national and international laws.


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