Russia, Iran and Belarus to build 37,512 houses in Venezuela

VHeadline News Editor Patrick J. O'Donoghue reports: President Chavez has announced the building of 37,512 houses with help from Russia, Iran, Belarus, and Portugal.

The President presented the announcement as one of the main achievements of his tour to the above countries.

Chavez said house-building by those countries was more economic than getting houses built by private Venezuelan companies.

Russia will build 10,000 dwellings on land belonging to the military garrison in Caracas, Fuerte Tiuna. Iranian companies will help build another 10,000 dwellings, Portugal 12,512 and Belarus around 5,000.

During his national television report, President Chavez officially handed over 520 apartments to families who lost their homes through mudslides caused by recent heavy rains in the Caracas area.

The apartments consist of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen and living room and are situated in Ocumare del Tuy (Miranda).

Chavez also announced that 7.1 million bolivares will be used to help those made homeless to purchased white line products, as well as food.


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