Muuga feeds Belarus with Venezuelan oil

The former Eurodek terminal in the Muuga port near Tallinn has in recent months received and sent to Belarus by train a bit over half a million tonnes of crude oil from Venezuela, writes Aripaev.

Besides Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine compete for transit of Venezuelan oil to Belarus. The only ones to receive in around that volume of South American oil, more than 700,000 tonnes are Odessa ports.

"The reason why Belarus chose Muuga port for its oil transit was the readiness of infrastructure terminal and railways of Muuga port to offer the service immediately," said Port of Tallinn manager Ain Kaljurand.

Port of Tallinn, that owns the Muuga port, said that Belarus intends to import about 10 mln tonnes of raw oil from Venezuela next year. Kaljurand said that it isn't known yet which ports it will use. Most likely they are testing different options now and might make a decision to use more than one port.

In recent years, the Muuga port liquid fuels transit has reached 18-20 mln tonnes a year.

Oil terminal operator Eurodek Synergy OU changed owners in December last year and is called Vesta as one of the five Mercuria Energy Asset Management B.V. terminals.


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