Belarus issues January to September steel production results

According to the data released by Belarus' National Statistical Committee, in the first nine months of 2010 the country registered a 4.8%YoY in its crude steel production to almost 2 million tonnes and saw a 3% increase in its rolled steel product output to 1.85 million tonnes.

In January to September this year, Belarus' output of steel pipes increased by 72.2% YoY to 127,700 tonnes including 74,500 tonnes of seamless steel pipes up by 125.4%YoY. In addition, the country steel wire production went up by 45%YoY to 54,700 tonnes and its steel cord output increased by 35.7% YoY to 68,900 tonnes.

Compared to August this year, the country crude steel output in September decreased by 2.3%, its rolled steel product output went down by 6.5%, its steel wire production dropped by 1.3% while its steel cord output increased by 1% and its steel pipe production went up by 15.8%.


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