Two projects to show fashion potential of Belarus at BFW

The centre of fashion and beauty "Crystal Nymph" and "Open Catwalk" project represent the Belorussian Fashion Week - the first international fashion event in Belarus for designers, producers of clothes of pret-a-porter and pret-a-porter deluxe classes.

One of the main tasks of the project is to show the fashion potential of Belarus at the international level as well as to attract attention of foreign colleagues and consumers. The project is going to be an important and interesting event in the world fashion industry and take a stable place in the international schedules of fashion weeks.

At the local level BFW puts the aim of both informing the residents of Belarus about the home fashion, its designers and opportunities, and creating favourable conditions for showing the potential of Belorussian designers.

Official opening of the Belorussian Fashion Week will take place on October 4 in the Great Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The key items of the social event will be the shows of two designing houses, the symbols of noble luxury and exquisite style - Belorussian House of Evening and Wedding Fashion "Papilio" and Fashion House of the Russian designer Viacheslav Zaitsev.

In the main shows of the Belorussian Fashion Week there will participate Belorussian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Croatian, Norwegian and Iranian designers. Also, within the Belorussian Fashion Week there will take place seasonal shows of Belorussian trade marks of the "Open Catwalk" project. The following are planned to be held: exhibition of fashion-photo and master class of the photographer Hennadiy Yashchuk, workshop "On the Problems of Modern Style and Costume" by Halyna Meshkova, associate professor of Belarus State Academy of Arts, lecture of the Russian image-maker Ihor Tsarevskyy.

The Belorussian Fashion Week will not leave one of the most important social topics unattended. The funds from the charitable shows of the Belarus designer Yuliya Nefertari will be used for the Novobilychi orphanage of the city of Gomel.

The Belorussian Fashion Week is a partner of the Lviv Fashion Week. At the main fashion event of Belarus collections will be shown by the designers participating in the Lviv Fashion Week: Iryna Kovalenko, La Germaine, Yujen fashion, Reptyliya


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