Bobruisk Synagogue Hosts Distinguished Guests

BOBRUISK, Belarus - The Jewish community of Bobruisk hosted a visit by a delegation of several top officials from different levels of government in Belarus. Among them were Vladimir Lameko, the Deputy Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of Belarus, and Vladimir Martynovsky, the Head of the Department of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the Mogilev Region's Executive Committee.

During their visit to Bobruisk, the delegation toured the city's historic synagogue, which was built 200 years ago and is now being restored thanks to financial support from the Ohr Avner Foundation, headed by Lev Leviev.

The guests admired the work that is being carried out in the Bobruisk Jewish community, which is being spearheaded by Rabbi Shaul Chababo, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary who only recently arrived in Belarus from Israel. The two visiting officials assured the rabbi and the entire Jewish community of Bobruisk that they are ready to aid in the Jewish community's development and the blossoming of the Jewish life.

The Jewish community of Bobruisk is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus and, by association, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Baltic Countries.


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