Chair of Belarus House of Representatives visits Vietnam

A delegation from the Belarus House of Representatives, led by its Chairman, Andreichenko Vladimir Pavlovich, are in Hanoi for an official visit from October 19-22 at the invitation of National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong.

Vladimir Pavlovich was born in 1949 in the village of Marianovo in Vitebsk province. He graduated from Velikolukskji Agricultural University in 1977 and studied politics in Minsk Academy in 1988. He joined the Soviet Army in 1968 and started his career as a politician.

He was responsible for agriculture and food in Vitebsk Province from 1991-1994, and then became Chairman of Vitebsk's Administrative Committee, a member of the 12th Supreme Committee and a member of the Upper House from 1994-2008.

He was appointed as Chairman of the Belarus House of Representatives in 2008. Vladimir Pavlovich has also been awarded many medals by Belarus and the title "Outstanding person of Belarus Agriculture".

Vietnam and the Republic of Belarus first established diplomatic relations in 1992.


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