Venezuela to export coffee and soy to Belarus as relations get stronger

VHeadline News Editor Patrick J. O'Donoghue reports: President Chavez has concluded a visit to one of his main European strategic partners, Belarus.

Before leaving Belarus for the Ukraine, the President announced a feasibility study to export aluminum to Belarus.

During the visit, which included reviewing existing agreements between the two countries, President Chavez assured the president of the country that Belarus would continue to receive oil supplies "for the next two hundred years."

Agricultural ties between the two countries have been strengthened after President Chavez and Agriculture & Lands (MAT) Minister, Juan Carlos Loyo visited a state farm, which combines chicken and cattle farming with providing and supplies from seed, grains and milk products.

Chavez suggested that such projects would be useful for the emerging Communes in Venezuela and such farms could be set up in Venezuela's central zone.

President Chavez said he wanted to start exporting chicken from Venezuela, just as Belarus exports to its bigger neighbor, Russia. It was agreed that Belarus technology be applied to the El Socorro chicken farm in Guarico State.

Minister Loyo stated that Venezuela will export soy to Belarus and announced that Belarus had agreed to import 20 tonnes of Venezuelan coffee by the end of the year.

Basic Industries & Mines Minister, Jose Khan announced that Venezuela would be purchasing 128 360-tonnes transporters from the Belaz company for the mining industry.

President Chavez also announced that Belarus agreed to open a truck building factory in Venezuela.

During the visit, Chavez announced the nationalization of the Las Cristinas and las Brisas goldmines, which will be run shortly by a joint venture.


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