Chavez ensures strategic alliance with Belarus

BELARUS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ratified to his Belarus counterpart Alexander Lukashenko Saturday the interest of consolidating a strategic alliance between the two peoples with a view to a multi-polar world and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

At the beginning of his fifth visit to the European country, coming from Russia, Chavez assured that he did it with great enthusiasm to continue consolidating the strategic ties between Caracas and Minsk that dated from 2006.

The South American leader remarked on the long-term character of Venezuelan oil supply to that nation to provide the Byelorussian refineries with their needs.

There would not be lack of oil in 200 years, emphasized Chavez during official talks with Lukashenko held Saturday.

He remarked that they will move forward in the same way, always together reaffirming perspectives of consolidation of bilateral cooperation in different spheres.

He appreciated the support and aid regarding transfer of technologies and bringing projects to fruition and mentioned joint programs in construction, industry and petrochemicals, among others.

Venezuela-Belarus links became a reality in agreements in the economic, commercial, cultural and energy spheres as well as construction, agriculture, machineries and technologies. Minsk, Prensa Latina


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