Chavez assures Minsk of oil for another 200 years

Minsk - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised Belarus oil for another 200 years, during a visit to the Eastern European country, media reports said Sunday.

'Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves and Belarusian refineries will have enough oil for 200 more years,' Chavez was quoted as saying in talks with his authoritarian counterpart Alexander Lukaschenko.

The two countries agreed to increase oil supplies, according to Belarusian media.

The South American country, which currently supplies 4 million tons of oil per year to the former Soviet republic, is to increase the amount to 10 million tons as of next year. No price was mentioned.

A joint venture for the exploitation of two oil fields in Venezuela would reportedly also be undertaken.

Lukashenko assured Chavez of his support and promised to do much for Venezuela in order to ensure good relations, according to reports.

Chavez arrived in Belarus from Moscow on Saturday. He also plans to visit Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Portugal and possibly also China.


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