Belarus insists on netback parity for Russian gas

Belarus wanted a simultaneous switch with Russia to netback parity for gas prices, the country's Deputy Economics Minister said Thursday.

"We want a simultaneous transition. If Russia wants to achieve netback parity for export and domestic gas prices for Gazprom by 2014, then we want to achieve this by roughly the same time also," Anatoly Filonov was quoted by Russian media as saying.

Filinov said the country was due to propose amendments to the existing two-sided gas contract to secure further discounts in 2011.

Experts believe both countries should speed up efforts to form a common economic space by creating equal terms for energy prices.

"The sooner we create this space, the sooner we'll eliminate the difference in prices for hydrocarbons and the difference in approaches to export duties," Interfax news agency quoted the head the Russian Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaniniv as saying.

The prime ministers of the two countries are scheduled to hold a meeting over the issue on Oct. 15, where they will also discuss 20 agreements concerning the economic space formation.


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