Belarusians visit Vermont

A group of ten women from the Republic of Belarus are in Vermont.

The eastern European delegation was at the Vermont Family Network Monday meeting with parents and children with special needs. Belarus currently separates children with special needs in schools, communities and living situations. The women have been seeing and hearing how Vermonters deal with inclusion and the challenges and successes they've had.

"It's been tremendous the professionals here. The Belarusians have been asking questions and taking notes non stop, so far so good," said Renee Berrian, with PH International, the Vermont non-profit that coordinated the visit.

"We provide a very good service to families. I don't think all the families in Vermont know we're there for them so I think it raises our awareness that if they are working hard to make sure inclusion is happening there, what more can we do to make sure we're serving all the families in Vermont," said June Heston with the Vermont Family Network.

The Belarusians have been here since the end of September and are off to New Hampshire next.


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