Gazprom supplies contract with Belarus to remain unchanged

Itar-Tass citing Mr Alexei Miller CEO of Gazprom as saying that Russia natural gas producer and exporter, Gazprom has no plans for revising the effective agreement on supplies of gas to Belarus in spite of a surge of political tensions between the two countries.

He said that "A revision of the contract is not a subject of negotiations, and neither our Belarusian counterparts nor we ourselves have raised the issue. He added that at this moment we're working strictly under provisions of the contract that was signed for a period of five years."

He indicated that Belarus is currently making all the payments strictly as scheduled under the provisions of 2010, in full volume and with observance of the price that went up versus the price for 2009.

Mr Miller said "We've had no problems this year so far and we hope the situation will remain the same through to the yearend, although we've heard the apprehensions that the Belarusian side may start experiencing difficulties as regards payments."


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