Belarus authorities found no evidence to open criminal case on Lithuanian diplomat's death

Leninskiy district of Brest prosecutor's office decided not to bring an action before the court following the death of Lithuanian diplomat and secret service officer Vytautas Pociunas, BelTA news agency reports, referring to the press centre of the Belarus State Public Prosecutors Office.

According to BelTA , the death of the Lithuanian diplomat in Brest was thoroughly investigated and no evidence was found to open a criminal case. Lab tests confirmed the diplomat's death was caused by a fall from the ninth floor of the hotel. Yet the source noted that due to the public response to the accident the Belarus State Public Prosecutors Office had requested results of the investigation for re-examination; they would be available next week.

AIA reported earlier that Vice Consul of the Consulate General of Lithuania in Grodno, State Security Department (VSD) of Lithuania officer, Vytautas Pociunas, was found dead near the Inturist Hotel in Brest on August 23. According to the information available at that moment, the death was caused by the fall from the ninth floor of the hotel. A forensic examination found high content of alcohol in his blood. Pociunas was staying in Brest to take part in a seminar timed to the celebration of Ukraine Independence Day.